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Earthquakes…First Things First
“Any state, any community or for that matter any citizen that fails to prepare, assuming the federal government can take care of them will be tragically wrong.” Mike O. Leavitt, Secretary of Health and Human Services.
There are many types of disasters that could affect you wherever you live. These could include: earthquakes, severe wind storms, tornados, hurricanes, ice and snowstorms, flooding, fires (wildfires and post-earthquake), and man-made disasters including EMP, biological and chemical attacks. Any of these could happen at any moment, most happen with NO warning.
During an emergency situation you will be assessing damage, taking care of injuries, helping friends and neighbors, etc. Your power may be off. Life as you normally live it will be replaced with a more primitive lifestyle one of stress, simplicity and service. There will be no time for soaking beans or baking bread. It will not be the time for using your long term food storage. But is will be the time for: 72+ hour kits, emergency food water and water; first aid and rescue skills; emergency: shelter, lighting and cooking. It will also be a time when a clear head and staying calm; when having some supplies and a plan could mean the difference between panic, fear, and hunger and a “candlelight dinner”.

Emergency Preparation & Food Storage

Would you be ready if there were an emergency? In today's world, we are all exposed to a wide variety of hazards, both natural and man-made such as fire storms, earthquakes, tornados, hurricanes, power outages, and acts of terrorism.  

Imagine that a disaster occurred and you did not have water, food, electricity, or fuel.  One should be prepared as much as possible for emergencies.  This website is dedicated to sharing emergency preparedness resources and to encouraging others to prepare for disasters. 

Emergency Preparedness classes are given each month in the Antelope Valley.  See the Calendar Page

Many emergency preparedness resources are available in our Resource Library

Please feel free to share my information on this website with all your friends, families, neighbors and acquaintances and if you don't mind share the website with them too.   If you would like to use the handouts or powerpoints to teach classes, please contact me and I can send them to you in a usable format.

I would love to hear from you how this website has inspired you in your journey to be prepared.

Check back often, we are always adding new information.

Now go forward with faith and as you prepare for the exciting days that lay ahead you will feel PEACE fill your soul. The Peace of Preparedness.